85,964 URLs Shortened Since July 2015
QQ URL Shortener

We have a pretty straightforward and streamlined API for Developers.

Log on to http://api.q-q.pw for information.

Single URL

URL Shortening is an art of making Long URLs look and smell better while keeping the essence intact. QQ URL Shortener does all it takes to make your URLs as tiny as possible and the best things → it's fast as light and never expires, NEVER!

Bulk URL

Well, if you have a bunch of URLs to shorten, you don’t need to do it one by one anymore. With QQ Bulk URL Shortener, you can shorten all of your Long URLs at one go and export ‘em into Spreadsheet, now how awesome is that?

Remote Webpage URLs

Have you ever thought of shortening all the URLs of a remote webpage / URL? QQ helps you achieve that of your thought with an option to export all of the goodness into spreadsheet, oh yeah! Now, shorten ‘em all in a jiffy!

Preview / Analytics

Someone sent you a fishy QQ URL? Or you’re just curious about how many hits your QQ URL got?
Well, you can dig into the treasure trove and find all the ingredients of the sandwich with our preview / analytics feature!